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Fast, Faster and Stupid Fast RC Cars & Trucks

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Krazy Kevin’s is customer driven, if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle we have the parts and experience to get your car up to the performance level you want. And if you would rather have us do the work, we have a service department that is the best around! We are experts in helping everyone from first-time RC enthusiasts to bashers and RC racers.


It all began when Kevin bought his first RC car in 1988. After the realization that no stores specialized in RC Cars he opened Krazy Kevin’s. Paul was one of Kevin’s first customers, and upon retiring from the military in 2000 he joined Krazy Kevin’s as a partner. Over the years Krazy Kevin’s has operated under the idea that the best way to keep a customer coming back is make sure they are smiling when they leave.

In one form or another every new product brought in to the shop gets tested to make sure it reaches the quality standards set by Kevin and Paul.

How we can help you

When you purchase your RC cars and equipment from Krazy Kevin’s you’ll get help, advice, assistance, and other perks that you simply cannot get from ordering your products from online sources. We are here to help you with your hobby! Half the fun is learning about new hop-ups and personalizing your RC car. Are years of expertise help you with questions from what works best for bashing or how can I get better performance for my racer.  

Largest inventory in San Diego

With nearly 7000 part numbers just for cars Krazy Kevin’s has more parts for major brands then anyone in San Diego. And on the off chance we don’t have what you are looking for, Krazy Kevin’s does not charge extra for special orders.

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On July 3rd, 2018 we were deeply saddened to announce that we have lost a huge part of our world and the RC community in San Diego.


On that day Kevin Willson, the founder of “Krazy Kevin's RC Hobbies” passed away, he will be missed by all and remembered for eternity.  


We will continue to support the San Diego RC Community moving forward and we thank you for your years of patronage.




Paul Self